Presentation Skills

People do not always do justice to themselves or their ideas when speaking to groups of people, whether colleagues or clients.

For many, nerves mean sleepless nights and constant re-writing of the content. The end result is a presentation with too many visual aids, too much detail and an audience who are less than riveted. There are occasions when all of us have been heard to mutter that it would have been easier, and saved everyone a lot of time, if the presenter had just emailed the slides.

Those who pitch presentations correctly and professionally stand out so clearly from the rest. It is vital that impressions are not influenced by lack of technique or lack of confidence.

The 3 hour conference module will involve everyone, in small groups, doing a one minute presentation These are recorded and clips played by way of illustration.

The  one or two day course will involve a lot of  practical exercises. Video and personalised feedback will be used to boost confidence throughout.

A considerable amount of time will be spent applying techniques and tricks of the trade to a live presentation.

The aims are to enable individuals to:

  • prepare a presentation that has a clear aim
  • prepare a presentation quickly and effectively
  • deliver a presentation in a credible and professional manner
  • orientate the message to the audience

This will mean that participants will:

  • reduce preparation time by up to 80%
  • reduce the fear factor
  • know how to do themselves justice
  • come across more confidently and professionally
  • increase the likelihood of really engaging an audience
  • be more inclined to look for opportunities to give presentations.