Team Effectiveness

Organisations are generally good at planning, mission statements, agreeing a strategy, setting goals, developing values and communicating these to all levels. Translating these into action and results can be a problem.

Dig down and individuals are not always clear about their key areas of responsibility, their objectives or their success criteria. If they are, they may not be fully aware of what the responsibilities are of other team members and the team leader.

Too often team leaders will not pick up on slippage on time and results and or deal with poor performance.

This can result in mixed expectations, responsibilities that slip through the net or individuals who are not held accountable for results. Goals are not achieved and individuals at all levels frustrated.

If all the team can share and agree responsibilities, objectives, mutual expectations, ground rules and the critical actions that every individual is accountable for, you have team effectiveness.

You also have a team leader who is empowered to manage the critical actions and agree changes.

This workshop is designed for discrete teams. It can be run for larger numbers of senior managers, often as part of an annual strategy meeting.

It consists of very  short presentations by all individuals, discussion and agreement.
It also provides a platform that can be followed up in a way that has been agreed by the whole team.

Done well and followed up meticulously, the Team Effectiveness workshop can have sensational results.
Teams that perform well love it, poor performing teams find them a huge relief.