Business Pitching

People do not always do justice to themselves, their organizations or their ideas when speaking to groups of people, whether colleagues or clients. Audiences  form impressions and make judgements from the start.

As a result, there is considerable pressure on the individual or team giving the presentation.    Some people will avoid being involved for this very reason.

For those involved in business pitches the pressure to succeed is even greater.

Typically those involved in business pitches are very experienced, knowledgeable and more confident. The pressure can then create an impression of arrogance, always talking about us and not connecting with the client.

Those who pitch presentations correctly and professionally stand out so clearly from the rest. It is vital that impressions are not influenced by lack of technique,  lack of confidence or the ability to connect with the real needs of a client.

This can be run as a 3 hour conference module or a one day training course.

The aims are to enable individuals to:

  • construct a pitch that is client oriented
  • prepare a pitch quickly and effectively
  • deliver a pitch in a credible and professional manner

This will mean that participants will: 

  • increase the success rate of their business pitches.
  • come across with more gravitas and empathy.